Acceptance.  I’m not good at this concept.  Obviously.  If something is possible to change, then how or why would I accept that it isn’t going to change?  Quitting isn’t in my nature.  Isn’t that what we are taught as children and what we try to teach our own children?  “Never give up.”  Never giving up is the stuff of songs, inspirational news stories, books, history, and romantic movies.  Daily, we are inundated with examples of people who didn’t give up, who persevered in the face of extreme obstacles or who believed in someone or something when no one else believed.

In the world of blogging, I have made friends with other Other Women, fellow bloggers whose stories were as painful as my own.  Guess what?  Some of them have had a happy ending.  Some of those angry, betrayed, thrown away Other Women ended up with the man they love.  Those women were…

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