Want more? Give Gratitude!

Rachel Joy Olsen, Holistic Health Coach

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. Friends and families come together to enjoy great food and fun christmasbells10and give thanks for what they receive and have already.This heightened state of positive energy is very magical and contagious. If only the Christmas spirit would last all year long. Well, guess what? It can!

Many of you have heard that the Law of Attraction in the most powerful law in the Universe. What this law suggests is that like energy attracts like energy. This means that everything we think, feel and believe is attracting the same energy back to us.

Do you want more in your life?

Have you ever wondered why good things aren’t coming to you when you feel you deserve to have them? Perhaps it’s your energy that’s holding you back from receiving them. To transform your life you must focus on the things you are grateful…

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